Charlie Lee
Welcome to Bizzshout! Charlie Lee, Founder and CEO

Promote Your Business

The Promote Your Business advertising service has been developed in concept, but has not taken shape in actual rollout. Our goal is to complete bizzshout’s 1.0 and 1.5 versions, build an adequate audience and then blend it in the 2.0 intelligent design.

We will announcement the service updates when completed via press release and at the Bizzshout! Page; be sure to following us.

The sequence to Promote Your Business:

  1. Build a Page (Promotional, Brand or Business Page Only) in your dashboard.
  2. Invite your associates and advocates to build an audience.
  3. Engage your advocates with various shouts and encourage sharing your Page; word-of-mouth advertising is always King too.

There will be unique Promote Your Business service opportunity too, but we can not share our secret sauce just yet. Stay tuned..

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Warm regards,
Bizzshout! Team