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Is a free service and is described as a private email system that allows associates and non-associates to ask another user a question on their Human Capital, a possible recommendation and more. The engagement tool can spark people to become new associates, gain new business with exisitng associates, media coverage, etc. as well. The iQuestion feature exists on members Me Page and Discover Boards (interior and exterior).

Where are the iQuestion buttons?

Me Page: The discovery for a Me Page owner has a My Answers button on the "shout" tab for quick access to the iQuestion section within the dashboard (My Account) and within the Stats area located in the Me Page's left menu.

Associates: The Me Page view for an associate visitn another associates page has an Ask this Expert button (or whichever title is chosen: Ask this Guru, etc) on the "Shout" and "Expertise" tabs. 

Non-Associates: The Ask this Expert button (or whichever title is chosen: Ask this Guru, etc) can be found on the Discovery Board and Expertise tab. 

Members will also receive email notifications and alert notifications with their account. You can also turn on and off the iQuestion feature.

Note: Your email will be exposed in the email notification, where you can directly reply to a question or reply within your account. We are working on hiding users emails for additional privacy with the email notification, but have not reolved it as of yet. If this is a concern for you, please turn OFF the iQuestion feature until resolved. Thank you.