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Expression Definitions and Usage:


  • shout! - A basic expression on a member’s page, newsfeed or Page to inform, engage or share.


  • eshout! - An educational expression by a member who is a teacher, coach or tutor to teach, instruct or share tips from a Class Page.


  • ishout! - A selfie expression by a member to promote their creativity, human capital, creative resume, real estate listings, hobbies of passion, genuine gift offers and more from a Promotional Page.


  • bizzshout! - A business expression by business owners to promote their company news, services or products, behind-the-scene story-telling, genuine gift offers and more from a Brand Page. 


  • Mastershout! - A shout expressed by members who have mastered their craft to teach, inspire and share wisdom from a Master Page. 

* All expressions include text, image, video, PDF and MP3 options.   


Page Options


  • Brand Page are for businesses > bizzshout! expression


  • Class Page are for teachers, tutors and coaches  > eshout! expression *


  • Master Page are for experts > Mastershout! expression *


  • Promotional Page are for all people, charities, institutions > ishout! expression

* Coming Soon


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  • Bizzmercial: Creatively Promoting Products and Interactive Shopping. New advertising engine and shopping portal: Coming Soon. 


  • Creative Resumes: Design, Outshine and Land Your Dream Job! 

A modern day story-telling resume to promote your personal or professional branding, traditional resume information and demonstration videos, podcast and blogging to prove your rich candicacy showcasing your Human Capital. 

NOTE: Creative Resumes are stored in a Human Capital database 24/7 to be shopped by hiring managers and recruiters. Privacy settings  offer Go Live / Go Private features and exterior links to share any resume instantly. 


  • Genuine Gifts: Is a FREE gift offer to advocates from a Page Admin; usually offered on a first come / first serve basis. This helps promote word-of-mouth advertsing, free experiences and feedback from advocates.  


  • Bizzshout! Spotlight: 15 second promotional videos from a combination of four associates or Page admin's. The Spotlight Page builds NEW Bizzshout! Stardom. One sponsor can promote the 60 second segment.


  • The Scoop: Testimonies shared by advocates from any Page.


  • Resume Voices: Audio files (Podcast / MP3) that shares a segment. Located on your the Worldview Page.


  • Network Gallery: An image/video/audio gallery that shares a members postings from their Me Profile and Pages; a convenient way to explore inspiration.


  • Company Auctions: Place your vote to developed this service at any Branding Page.