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Genuine Gifts Terms: "Coming Soon"

The Genuine Gifts Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of the Service made available on the website or any software or mobile application (collectively, the “ Site”) provided by Bizzshout, Inc. Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your compliance with these Terms. By accessing and/or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms, which constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Bizzshout, Inc and you accept the “As Is” service status, which may or may not contain service errors. 

1. Service: The Genuine Gift marketing service allows a Promotional or Company Page (Business Page Only included) admin to offer Page gifts (i.e. a book release, model calendar, a new: jewelry design, album, product, apparel, etc.) to their Page Advocates (followers) for fast, word-of-mouth advertising!

2. Page Advocates (followers): A user can only receive a Genuine Gift offer when they approve a Page (Promotional, Brand, Brand Page Only, etc.), which are free to receive, hence, a genuine offer. Upon Page approval, a follower may receive a Genuine Gift by claiming one seen at the Page, in their Worldview newsfeed, Snapshot page, or at the Genuine Gift page. After receiving a gift, an advocate may share their opinion, experience or gratitude at the Page by posting a testimony.

Followers agree to provide their correct mailing address to the Page admin for physical delivery upon a claim, where our system will use the address on file in their ibriefcase dashboard (ibriefcase>Profile Details).

A delivery notice can also be sent from the admin to their recipients, as an option, to their email address in their ibriefcase dashboard (ibriefcase>Profile Details). To do this, an admin adds a checkmark to the Delivery Action box in their View Claims area. If a recipient receives a delivery notice and then receives an undeliverable notice, the recipient must update their physical address. After a second attempt, the admin has the right to refuse delivery.

Note: An admin will not be able to see a recipients email address when sharing a delivery notice or undeliverable notice, because it’s blocked as a system email only.  

3. Gift(s) Allowance Amount: One gift, per user, of the same gift. However, an advocate may receive multiple gifts, if successfully claimed, so stay alert.  

4. Cost: Each Genuine Gift posting has a $5.00 US (five dollars) cost on a Promotional or Brand Page (Brand Page Only included) and pricing may be subject to change in the future. Bizzshout! uses a third-party payment gateway with Paypal, where an admin must accept PayPal’s terms to make a purchase.

Once a Genuine Gift is posted, there are no cancelations and you pledge to honor the transaction in full. A Genuine Gift offer may be canceled prior to a purchase only. Before offering a gift, please make sure you have any permission necessary to make the offer and the right amount of inventory before choosing your offer option: limit or date expiration (see point 5, +Add New). 

5. Posting a Genuine Gift: All Page admin’s will follow the same procedure by following this path: iBriefcase > Managed Pages > Select Page > Gift Offer > Manage Gift Offers > click on +Add New. Enter your information in the fields, click Save and pay for your posting via PayPal. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to

An admin may view their recipient lineup at View Claims by following the same path above to Manage Gift Offers and clicking on the View Claims button. You can also send recipients a delivery notice or an undeliverable notice via email in this section.

Note: An admin will not be able to see a recipients email address when sharing a delivery notice or an undeliverable notice, because it’s blocked as a system email only. 

6. The Genuine Gift Promotion: You agree not to post any fraudulent offer, stolen items or copyright material in any form; abiding our “Intellectual Copyright Infringement” terms. You may not offer any illegal items (drugs), alcohol, firearms, gambling offers, games of skill or lotteries, including online casino, sports books, bingo or adult content.

Bizzshout! holds the right to cancel any such offer with no refund and dismantle your gift service permanently. Please be aware, further legal actions may be taken against any case in cooperation with State and Federal authorities. Additionally, by policy, we can not assist you in the administration of your promotion offer, and you agree that if you use our service to administer your promotion offer, you do so at your own risk. 

7. Genuine Gift Creation Tool: If you create an offer using Bizzshout’s Genuine Gift creation tool, the following policies apply:

i.    Bizzshout! offers must be available for a limited amount or time.

ii.    You may only run an offer if you are the merchant for or the manufacturer of the product or service you are promoting.

iii.    You must clearly and prominently disclose any restrictions on your offer (such as expiration date or limitations on redemption).

iv.    You are solely responsible for improper redemption, fraud, disputes or other issues that arise from the distribution and/or redemption of your gift offer.

v.    If your gift offer may be redeemed at a merchant not operated by you, it is your sole responsibility to communicate with the merchant and ensure they honor your offer.

vi.    You must only use the gift creation tool for its intended functionality and not to promote your website or other contact information, or to offer the equivalent of a gift card, gift certificate or stored value card.

vii.    You are responsible for ensuring that your gift offer complies with these terms and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Offers are subject to many regulations (such as alcohol discounts and offers marketed to minors) and if you are not certain that your offer complies with applicable law, consult with an expert.

8. Bizzshout’s Genuine Gift Acknowledgement: If you use Bizzshout! to communicate or administer a gift offer, you acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Bizzshout! (, Bizzshout, LLC or Bizzshout, Inc