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Creative Resume Terms of Service

Creative Resumes and Online Database

The online Creative Resume Terms of Service (“TOS”) govern your access to and use of the Service made available on the website or any software or mobile application (collectively, the “ Site”) provided by Bizzshout, Inc. Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your compliance with these Terms. By accessing and/or using the Service you consent to be bound by these Terms, which constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Bizzshout, Inc and you accept the “As Is” service status, which may or may not contain service errors. If you do not, please do not use the service.

The Creative Resume Service Benefits

1.  Service Description 
The online Creative Resume Service readdresses a previously ‘not-so-hot trend’ as an urgent pursuit for prestige by humanizing and promoting multi-dimensional exposure on diverse talents to hiring managers and recruiters seeking synergy with their organizational goals and values. Both, hiring managers and recruiters can shop for students, graduates or people seeking internships, consultants or job seekers.

2.  Creative Resume Service for Candidates (students, graduates and people)
The creative resume service is free for candidates and located after login at Dashboard>Pages/Creative Resume. The Creative Resume Dashboard provides three columns (Completion/Content Choices/Work Station), where new users are given a tour of the layout and features. The resume, designed as a portfolio, offers the following subjects: Home: Personal Brand; About: Summary, Skills, Employment; Experience, Education; Portfolio: Rich Content (Elevator Pitch video / Work Demonstration videos); Blog: Expertise; Contact: References; and Your Favorites. The online Creative Resume is printable and shareable. Once completed, a candidate can list their creative resume as a label feature into the Database of Human Capital on a total of seven page titles in three distinctive databases: Broad Categories, Narrow Categories and Precise Job Titles.

After you Go Live with your Creative Resume, the system will provide a posted notice on your Me Page and Worldview Page to inform your associates. As well as, a notification to them on updates and changes you make to your Creative Resume. In your Completion settings, if you Go Private with your Creative Resume, your associates will be notified to inform them your resume has been taken out of circulation. However, if your reasoning privacy is because you Got Hired!, you can make this special post in your Creative Resume Dashboard located in Content Choices column > Preview and Success to be Congratulated!

Additional Features (coming soon)
Chat sessions are available between candidates and hiring managers/recruiters approved by the candidate as another window into the screening process. Chat features include chat, document sharing, video/audio calls, audio call only, share a file, etc.

NEW! Exterior Social Media Link
Creative Resumes can now compliment your traditional resume with a live digital link after turning on the Exterior Search feature located in the Completion column, which allows your Creative Resume to be seen on the outside (exterior) part of You can add the link to other social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to further expose your candidacy. The link redirects back to, where visitors do not have to join the platform to view your Creative Resume. The Creative Resume system will send you a Notification (Suggestion) at and a detailed email as a friendly suggestion each time you reset your exterior settings; if more then one email arrives, that would be a system error and you may unsubscribe.

3.  Creative Resume Card (digital)
For free, you also receive a digital resume card to get proactive in showcasing your Creative Resume Page. It also allows your network to share and receive your details in an email to share inspiration, which links back to your exterior Creative Resume; again, no need to join Bizzshout! to see your resume page in settings. 

4.  Searchable Online Resumes Databases
Bizzshout! transforms how hiring managers discover talent and can relieve them of bias claim fears, because candidates do not submit a picture or video resume to a particular job offer. They no longer have to receive hundreds or thousands of unqualified resumes with traditional job posting platforms. With Bizzshout's 'Shop and Discover' approach, the resume directory is searchable in three distinctive databases: Broad and Narrow Categories and Precise Job Titles. Added search features: Candidate Spotlighting, My Favorites Page, Skype connections; Live video chat and document sharing will add richness to the directory experience, which is coming soon.

5.  Free or Featured Resume Promotion
Users can promote their resume label at each page by eventually paying for Top Featured or Featured placements on any directory page. To avoid Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, Bizzshout! instructs hiring managers or recruiters to inform candidates if they lost out to a job consideration from any promotional feature, to dispute any inaccurate information.

6.  Cost
Free for students, graduates and people. In the near future, there are several packages that will be proposed as paid options, ranging from US $99-975.00, to promote the label listing of a Creative Resume at seven total pages within three directories: Broad (1 page), Narrow (1 page) and Precise (5 pages). Hiring Managers and Recruiter Joining will be free until further notice.

7.  Home Page and Creative Resume Service Page
The Home Page ( shares details about the Creative Resume service, service testimonies and Active candidates (free promoting). The service page shares details on About, Testimonies, Hired Candidates, Spotlight, Radio Jobline Partnership and Daily Resume Fetches (random for free). Given your setting permissions, you may be featured on the home or service page.

8.  Bizzshout’s Creative Resume Acknowledgement
If a student, graduate or person uses Bizzshout! to communicate or administer a Creative Resume, you acknowledge that your resume promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with, Bizzshout! ( or Bizzshout, LLC or Bizzshout, Inc