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Bizzshout! is a social-business platform with invaluable resources promoting your personal brand, human capital, creativity, business content and social commerce.

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How it started

Charlie Lee, founder and CEO of Bizzshout! was watching an interview with Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google on CNBC in October/November 2009. The discussion led into “How did Google jump from the 50th ranked search engine to #1 and stay there?!" Schmidt's reply, "Find a conflict, gain a solution - that's how you build a business,” which inspired Lee from recent de-friending conflicts on Facebook — as a result of sharing business posts on day trading and the market. With new inspiration, he began to take steps in January 2010 to build out a radical new social networking concept for social business. However, when starting the venture he had no idea of the trials and tribulations that stood before him to execute and decided to build a team of freelance engineers to manifest the reality. In 2012, development was not accurate, so he upped the overall gamble of sharing concept and money abroad by putting his life on the line — he decides to visit a renowned terrorist country, where the engineer friends live. Family was not happy given the uncertainty to return and taking the malaria medicine nearly ruined his health prior and during the adventure, but he proceeded to get the job done. Sadly, when visiting, other US workers in the same region were not so fortunate to return home after being captured. In March 2015, as a result of friendly firer stated by President Obama on TV, two lives were lost — discouraging Lee to return later that year.

How it started

Roland Shen: Cornell Graduate and Adelphi Alumnus; Charlie Lee: Founder and CEO of Bizzshout!; Ed Mangano: Nassau County Executive and Rob Tudisco: NY Tech Graduate and Adelphi Alumnus

Who Is Bizzshout!

The mission of Bizzshout! is to provide a social-business platform for connecting and promoting people and businesses through the world of social media. Our business-casual culture has been carefully designed to facilitate high-value exchanges and unique awareness, the keys to networking and business success. Our services help promote your expertise, human capital, creativity, and innovation by recommending and sharing business content. Every business and every job hunter should take advantage of the creative resume marketing and self-promotion Bizzshout! provides every day — Free.

• shout
A self expression to inform, engage and share.

• ishout!
A self expression of hierarchy to promote your creativity, human capital, creative resume, marketing affiliation, hobbies of passion, genuine gifts plus more from Promotional Pages; 100% organic reach to advocates!

• bizzshout!
A business expression of hierarchy to promote your institution or company on branding, news, services, story-telling, genuine gifts, coupons and auctions from a Branding Page; 100% organic reach to advocates!

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bizzshout! - socially promote yourself or your business.


ishout! - socially promote yourself or your creativity.


bizzmercial - social commercials to promote products or services.


Creative Resume - A database of talent to Hire and Get Hired!


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