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What is Bizzshout!?

Welcome to Bizzshout!, an American social media, social networking and microblogging service to promote people and businesses, where users post and interact with “shouts”. Registered users and brands can also post "iconic shouts" to boost content organically and utilize advertising services to market human capital, creativity, products or services. Joining is free.

Community: Our smart, curious and aspirational culture is fascinated by new learnings, visionaries, inspirations, creativity, innovative stories, modern products, helpful services and sharing vast knowledge — scaling community value and collaboration towards an impactful movement.


Our Mission Statement

Our social networking mission is to give people and businesses the new power to standout by being uniquely heard and seen through promotional structure, so the world can be fascinated by new communications on notable information, inspirations and creativity. Members come to Bizzshout! to share their personal and professional brands, human capital, passions, ideas and stories, adventures, offer helpful tips, solve challenges and see the promotional world through new enthusiasm, connections and and causes. The informative and entertaining conversations that will be happening on Bizzshout! reflect diverse communities on a global scale.

Tech Day: October 18th, 2016 (Beta Launch)

How it started

Roland Shen: Cornell Graduate and Adelphi Alumnus; Charlie Lee: Founder and CEO of Bizzshout!; Ed Mangano: Former Nassau County Executive and Rob Tudisco: NY Tech Graduate and Adelphi Alumnus

Bizzshout! Details

"Bizzshout! The promotional platform with a business-casual community helps amplify expressive content and develop new collaborations to gain infinite learners and advocates, where love is better than likes! But, before you or your company can be admired, you have to be uniquely heard and Bizzshout's communications re-designed provides global awareness towards your ideas, interest, career and prosperous goals. So be ambitious to share knowledge, learn, innovate or motivate, because here — every rush of inspiration lights up curiosity and new connections!"
Charlie Lee, founder and CEO

• shout
A self expression to inform, engage and share.

• ishout!
A self expression of hierarchy to promote your creativity, human capital, creative resume, marketing affiliation, hobbies of passion, genuine gifts plus more from Promotional Pages; 100% organic reach to advocates!

• eshout!
Specifically designed for teachers, coaches, marketers, etc. to promote educational comments to teach, instruct or share guiding tips from a Class Page; 100% organic reach to advocates!

• bizzshout!
A business expression of hierarchy to promote your institution or company on branding, news, services, story-telling, genuine gifts, coupons and auctions from a Branding Page; 100% organic reach to advocates!

• MasterShout!
The promotion of educational expressions shared by experts that teach through inspiration; daily tips, previews, how to, stories; namely to help followers progress rapidly towards their own mastery by sharing insights on process and lessons seen in their Worldview Newsfeed and at their Master Page. At Pages, for free or pay, advocates can learn and ask questions from targeted experts to dive deeper into all things mastered from their philosophy and techniques.

Bizzshout! Launch
Charlie Lee, founder and CEO of Bizzshout! was day trading and stopped to watch an interview on Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google on CNBC in October/November 2009. The discussion led into “How did Google jump from the 50th ranked search engine to #1 and stay there?!" Schmidt's reply, "Find a conflict, gain a solution - that's how you build a business,” which inspired Lee from recent de-friending conflicts on Facebook; as a result of sharing too many stock picks and market comments. His epiphany realized social business was not accepted as a natural means of engagement on Facebook and other social networking platforms, which sparked a new culture idea. But, the journey to build his new concept, team of engineers and unique platform — cost effectively without a background in technology, was a dangerous venture. Especially, traveling solo in different countries; a full story for another day...standby.

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socially promote yourself or your business.


socially promote yourself or your creativity.


socially promote e-learning.


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A self expression to inform, engage and share.



● Where in social networking does Bizzshout! fit? Between Facebook's entertaining platform and LinkedIn's professional platform.

● What's the cost to join? Free for students, graduates, people, entrepreneurs and businesses.

● Does anyone pay to join? Eventually, recruiters and hiring managers to shop our candidates of talent. And Branding Pages Only with 100% organic reaches as the benefit.